Digital Platform for Jobs

This platform is to match digital career opportunities to potential local talents in Assam. Whether they are fresh graduate, expert talent or are at the crossroads of career, this platform will offer a wide range of job opportunities that have been aggregated jointly with partnering leading recruitment platforms of the country

A job portal is a website that bridges the gap between employers and job seekers. Companies can advertise their vacancies and search through applications and CVs of potential employees; candidates can create a profile for themselves with all the necessary information, and search and apply to jobs posted on the site. Also, the website itself is always easy to maneuver around. They are a simple yet effective way to advertise and look for jobs.
While enquiring about job vacancies face-to-face seems more personal, not everyone is looking for direct approach anymore. Employers are looking for someone who is up-to-date with the ever-growing Internet; someone who can maneuver around websites with ease. Even the simple act of applying online can show recruiters that this is you. Besides, this process is much quicker than searching on foot.

The great thing about job portals is that they cater to job seekers and employers from a variety of different educational backgrounds, meaning everyone can use them.

If you were looking to apply for a job online, you would have to visit website upon website, each one for a different company, in the hope that someone had an ideal vacancy for you. On any job portal, however, you can search jobs by role. This is not only time-saving but useful as you can find every position suited to you all in one place. If none of the advertised jobs suit your qualifications or experience, you can sign up to receive email alerts when a new job in your field is advertised. And job portals don’t just end at your country’s borders! You can search and apply to jobs all over the globe without having to travel, which is excellent if you’re looking for a new experience. There are no boundaries to where you can go with work, or who you can employ. Job portals provide you with a whole world of candidates; a whole world of jobs – the options are virtually unlimited.

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From the perspective of employers, job portals are a quicker and more efficient way to fill a vacancy. Employers who do not have dedicated recruitment staff can focus on their business while the website can work on filling their vacancies. This cuts down the time they spend finding the right candidate, with the perfect attitude and qualifications for the position, but it still ends in the same result. All in all, it makes the use of these job sites worthwhile. As mentioned earlier, they also categories vacancies by role/work type, making them easier to find by the correctly qualified and experienced candidates. Speaking of candidates, there are thousands signed up to these sites, giving you a high chance of getting a considerable number of replies.
Job sites also provide extra benefits to employers. They will manage your company profile for you, and help you advertise your vacancies if your find yourself overwhelmed with work. Again, cutting down the time you would normally spend on recruitment.