Teach Children Computer Coding

Goal: 50000 USD


In this age of digital technology, children shouldn’t only be digital consumers but should also learn to produce. Schooling system in India does not allow for programs to develop creativity and free minds. Private schools have special programs but only for kids who can afford it. We are aiming to give young children of low income families who don’t even have computers at home this opportunity to learn computer coding in a fun way, enjoy being creative ,produce and gain self confidence.


Children from low income families in Assam have to go to public schools with overcrowded classes and study under a classical schooling system which is based on memorization and does not encourage free thinking and creativity.These children who do not have computers at home or in school are falling behind in this digital technology age. We will offers free specially designed fun computer coding courses to children of 8-12 years to show them that they can easily create if guided.


Children aged 8-12 from low income families will be taught algorithms with a fun program specially designed for young children and create their own games,prepare presentations of their creations and present their product at the end of each course. Each student will work on a laptop supervised by trained volunteer teachers .Children will experience creative and analytical thinking and will gain self confidence.

Long-Term Impact

Children who are introduced to creative and analytical thinking in a fun program at a young age will become individuals hungry for knowledge and innovation. Having created a computer game of their own and having presented it to parents will boost their self confidence.Parents will no longer see computers as a threat to school work and will encourage their children to be creative.