Digital Literacy for Parents


Digital Literacy

It is important to recognize an important component of literacy, i.e. digital literacy. “Digital literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills. It can be categorized into three buckets: (1) Finding and consuming digital content; (2) creating digital content; (3) communicating or sharing. India’s National Digital Literacy Mission trains people to operate digital devices, and to access the government’s e-governance services at its basic levels. Each of these renders a different operational plan, and clarity is required for progress.

Digital Literacy for common people

Most of the people think that digital literacy involves complex technical capabilities such as coding and programming and involves structural knowledge and skills. But it’s actually a small skill set which is essential for access and gaining information. Digital literacy for the public includes a small range of skills and it varies according to the day-to-day responsibilities. Skills differ for a normal worker to financial consultant. Within the next five years, it is predicted 90 per cent of the workforce will require at least common computer working skills, such as browsing the internet, using email or company software within 2 years. Over 50- 60 per cent must have the ability to use or configure and even create digital systems


We are planning to conduct workshops , classes for parents who lacks knowledge of today’s digital technologies and how its applied in Child’s education.